Accutron Watches

Accutron first launched in 1960, emerging in the market as the first technically successful electronic watch. They were widely known for its unprecedented accuracy, quickly becoming their signature and were used for war pilots and even the Apollo lunar mission. 2020 marks Accutron's 60th Anniversary, relaunching many features of the original Accutron but with new technology like its electrostatic motor and turbine. This new movement features three turbines, one being an electrostatic motor, which runs continuously to power the hands. The two smaller turbines are electrostatic generators which gather energy by the natural movement of the wearer's arm. This energy is then transfered to the capacitor seen through the skeleton dial to power the watch. Alongside the release of the Spaceview electrostatic timepieces, is the release of a Legacy collection of watches featuring the Sellita Swiss watch movement.

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