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Designer spotlight: Tacori — Handcrafted rings made in Los Angeles by master artisans.
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We carry a large selection of designer engagement rings, both online and in our South Florida bridal salon. J.R.Dunn Jewelers is proud to be an authorized jeweler for some of the biggest in names in the business, including Tacori, Verragio and Simon G. and many more. We also specialize in unique, one-of-a-kind engagement rings crafted in-house by our very own award-winning designer, Robert Pelliccia. He uses the latest CAD/CAM technology. We know your ultimate goal is to get her the ring of her dreams; we believe we have the best selection of diamond engagement rings from Miami to the Palm Beaches.

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Real people, real love stories. Meet some of the couples who have now become part of the J.R.DUNN family. When you choose us you're never just a number, you're family.
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Jim and Ann Marie Dunn got their start in diamonds 50 years ago and we're still family owned and operated till this day. You're never just a number to us, you're family. Read more about our story.
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Designer Spotlight

J.R.DUNN is a proud authorized retailer of some of the most sought after engagement ring designers. From California handcrafted Tacori to edgy New York streetstyle like KatKim — we make it easy, so feel free to end your search here :)

Educate me.

We've done the research, so you don't have to — Here's our answers to some of the most asked engagement ring questions.

How to choose the right engagement ring.

What is trending now in engagement ring styles?

​While the halo ring style is still extremely popular, we are seeing lots of brides taking an interesting in thin solitaires and other petite styles. Right now the trend seems to be minimizing accent diamonds and putting the maximum focus on the center diamond. Yellow gold and rose gold dainty styles with unique shaped center diamonds are definitely trending on Instagram right now.

Is it better to surprise her or take her ring shopping with me?

​If she has dropped hints, pinned a few styles of engagement rings or commented on a couple of Instagram posts, we'd say go for it and surprise her. Nice surprises are always fun, especially romantic ones. Just show your jeweler the things she's liked and they will guide you towards the right styles. You also cannot miss with a simple solitaire just showing off a beautiful diamond center stone that you chose. No matter what you pick chances are she is going to like it because it is coming from you. That being said it is definitely a trend for couples shopping together in this day and age. That is one surefire way to get exactly the ring she wants. Just be sure to keep you keep the proposal a surprise even if that means dropping down on one knee right then and there!

Can I wear an eternity band as my engagement ring?

​We love this up and coming trend. Put it on and your good to right through your wedding day. Eternity bands can be worn as your engagement ring and wedding band all in one. It is a bold sophisticated look perfect for the modern bride.

How long will it take if I need to special order an engagement ring?

Most custom order engagement rings take anywhere from a couple of weeks to 6-8 weeks tops. We know that seems like an eternity but your ring will be here before you know and getting exactly what you want and having it fit perfectly will be worth the wait.

What is better white gold or platinum for a ring setting?

Both have their own unique​ qualities. Platinum is the most pure and generally requires less maintenance over the course of ownership. But platinum can also be soft and sometimes bend easily in dainty rings where little metal is showing and the diamonds look like they are just floating there. Sometimes white gold can be the better choice for delicate rings as it resists bending. One thing to know about white gold it that it is alloyed and plated to make it look truly white unlike platinum which is pure white from the beginning. There is no wrong choice but be sure to ask this question to your jeweler so they can help guide you towards the metal that will be best for a particular engagement ring.

What is better four or six prong settings?

​That depends on which one you like the look of better! ​In the past six prongs were always thought of as stronger but when made correctly, a ring with four prongs will hold up just fine. Some four prongs settings make finding the perfect wedding band much easier as they will nestle closer, plus four prongs show the diamond off very nicely and are easiest to clean.

Do I need to know her rings size?

If you guys are shopping for a ring together it is a great idea to ask the jeweler to measure her ring size but if you want to surprise her it is not necessary. Most rings can be adjusted up or down within a day after your propose. It is better for the ring to be sized once properly than having to sized it up and down multiple times. Rings that have diamonds that go all the way around the bottom or need more than just one size up or down may need to be special ordered to get the perfect fit.

Do all engagement rings have matching wedding bands?

Most rings have matching bands and it is a great idea to try on bands while your selecting your engagement ring. This is especially true if you are in love with a fancy shape diamond. Sometimes center diamonds with an elongated shape can create a gap between the setting and the wedding band. But that is no reason to give up on your dream diamond. Ask your jeweler about a curved wedding band or perhaps modifying a straight band to accommodate the engagement ring you love. We are really excited about the current trend of pairing a totally different band alongside the engagement ring for a unique and more personalized look. Think metal colors, diamond eternity, against a solitaire, and ring stacks!

How to choose the right diamond for your engagement ring.

Should I choose a natural or lab grown diamond?

​Great question. We've got that covered pretty comprehensively here and here. We are happy to show you both a lab grown diamond and natural diamond side by side so you can pick the diamond that is perfect for you.

Is buying a certified diamond important?

​Yes buying a diamond that has a grading report from a properly accredited lab is super important. It take the guess work out of things. For natural diamonds we feel GIA certification is the way to go. The are the ones who invented the modern grading system and apply it the most consistently in our opinion. The stricter the lab the better diamond you get for your money. For lab diamonds there are other choices like GCAL and IGI which are also good but we suggest comparing the lab stone side by side with a natural diamond with a GIA lab report. This will give you the best way to objectively compare what reports says and what the diamonds actually look like.

What diamond quality is best for an engagement ring?

​The first step to selecting the right quality of diamond for you is having a preliminary budget in mind. Take a look at the options you can get for what you want to spend. You may want a bigger diamond that is not so perfect or smaller diamond that is nearly perfect. At this point it helps to familiarize yourself with the 4 C’s of diamond grading (link) and then go take a look at some diamonds in person , see how big they look and compare different qualities side by side. Most people end up wanting a diamond that sparkles a lot, looks white from the top and has no visible imperfections to the naked eye. Translating that to gemological terms, most choose a diamond in the G-J color range (which is near colorless) and clarity range of VS1 - SI2 (very slight to slightly included under 10 power magnification). One thing you will want to make sure not to cut corners on is how well the diamonds is cut. That is what gives diamond their fire and personality.

What is the most popular shape of diamond for engagement rings?

​Since we can remember, the round diamond has always been the most popular shape. It is cut optimally to give the most sparkle but other shapes have plenty of fire too. The key is to make sure they are beautifully cut. Other shapes that are really trending right now are ovals, cushion cuts, rose cuts and pear-shaped diamonds. Let's not forget geometric shapes too, shapes like princess cuts, emerald cuts and even triangle shape diamonds are making a strong showing.

Is it better to set your diamond low?

​So many brides these days have active lifestyles so we always recommend setting the diamond nice and low to lessen the chances it gets banged on something or knocked loose. We like the look of diamonds set low as they lay nicely on the finger for a modern aesthetic. That being said, if you want your diamond to set higher to make it stand out, let your jeweler know and ask if will be durable. There are ways to set the diamond up a bit higher and still be safe if your jewelry utilizes the proper techniques.

Is fluorescence in a diamond a good or a bad thing?

​Fluorescence is a natural phenomenon which happens when some diamonds are exposed to UV light. Approximately a third of diamonds exhibit some degree of fluorescence. Many people will be surprised to learn that fluorescence in I, J, K and lower color ranges can actually be a good thing as it helps the diamond appear more white. Even in the top color ranges fluorescence isn't necessarily a bad thing. We have seen drop dead gorgeous colorless diamonds with strong blue that can be had at bargain prices. From a professional diamond buyers perspective, the only time fluorescence is a negative is when it makes a diamond look hazy under natural daylight. If you have any doubts about the diamond your looking at ask your jeweler to see the diamond your considering outside in the sunlight. If it looks crisp no need to hesitate. You should expect to pay a little less for a diamond in the top color ranges with blue fluorescence and be sure to stay away from diamond with yellow or white fluorescence.

How much should I budget for an engagement ring?

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

That is a hugely personal decision. The old rule used to be two month salary but nobody really follows that guideline unless it works for you. The key is to figure out the right balance of spending what feels right to show her that you’re 100 percent committed to spending the rest of your lives together without breaking the bank. In other words don't spend so much it will take away from buying a home, planning the perfect honeymoon etc. If you are in a great place financially it's OK to splurge, we are not sure the last time we've had a diamond returned simply because it was too big!

Can I finance the purchase of an engagement rings?

​​Of course, we offer 12 month interest free on all center diamonds and longer financing terms are available on the settings. If you are interested in financing please chat in or call and our team will go over the options plus let you know if we have any special financing deals going on.

What is your return or exchange policy on engagement rings?

​Our rings come with gotta say yes guarantee! If your planning on proposing within 30 days and for whatever reason you want to exchange, upgrade or even return the ring for a full refund we will be glad to help. Since we are unable to resell as new, rings that have been worn, sized or special ordered are not eligible for a refund.