Jewelry Appraisal Services

Jewelry Appraisals

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J.R.Dunn Jewelers offers appraisal services ranging from written appraisals for insurance purposes to verbal fair mark evaluation if you're interested in trading or selling your jewelry, diamonds or watches.

- Expert appraiser
- GIA Graduate Gemologist
- Over 25 years experience
- Appraisals starting as low as $95
- On the spot written appraisals with professional quality photographs
- Most insurance companies recommend you have your jewelry re-appraised every three to five years
- All appraisals done by appointment right in front of you, while you wait
- Schedule an appointment for your appraisal today 954-782-5000

Definition of Appraisal:

1) The act of judging the value, condition or importance of something;
2) Something that states an opinion about the value, condition or importance of something.

At JR Dunn Jewelers appraisals are done by a team of experienced jewelry professionals who have been trained and have the latest equipment at their disposal, and given to our clientele throughout South Florida.

Types of Appraisals

Just as there are two ways to define an appraisal, there are two sorts: one for insurance replacement; the other for estate evaluation.

The insurance appraisal is a “documentation” of your jewelry, providing the estimated cost to replace the items if they had to be replaced or recreated.

An estate evaluation provides the appraiser’s opinion on what the item(s) could be sold for at the time of assessment, but is not an offer to purchase the merchandise.

Components of an Appraisal

* An identification and description of major gemstones, including The 4 Cs (cut, color, clarity, carat weight) if the item being appraised contains diamonds.

* Type(s) of metal used and karatage, along with any trademark stamps identifying a particular manufacturer or design house.

* Make, model and serial number for fine timepieces.

* Estimated replacement value

An accurate detailed description of the jewelry at current value is the most important part of an appraisal.

The Lifecycle of an Appraisal

Generally speaking, appraisals have a lifespan of three years for insurance companies. Economic changes can affect appraised value of items, so be sure to keep current with trends in gold and diamond prices. Also ensure that you get coverage for new jewelry pieces as they’re acquired.

Jewelry appraisals at JR Dunn Jewelers are always done on-site. We treat your pieces as if they were our own. Our appraisals are done by our Graduate Gemologist who has over 25 year experience as an appraiser. The documents when complete contain a photo of your items and are printed on high-quality paper and signed by our Gemologist.

Enjoy complimentary cleaning of your diamond, fine jewelry and watches as they are being appraised. We’re here for all our South Florida neighbors for all your jewelry service needs, from West Palm Beach to Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale!


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