John Hardy’s Naga Dragon: Fierce Yet Benevolent

The Naga (Dragon), sacred to the Balinese and symbolic of the human connection to the natural world, plays an important in the island’s folklore.

It’s an inspiring love story, actually; here’s how the story goes: The Naga dragon lives alone on the Tiga Gunung volcanoes. His one true love, the pearl, is an elusive underwater lover who lives in the sea. Each day, at twilight, the dragon dives into the sea to visit with and kiss the pearl. On his way back at dawn, his wet scales send water upon the rice fields, making the soil fertile and rich.

The John Hardy Naga Dragon, introduced in 2008, was the jewelry designer’s first figurative piece. Based on the story, the piece is representative of love, protection, good fortune, prosperity and success…particularly for the farmers who are said to be supported by a bountiful rice harvest.