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Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology Origin & Benefits

The Origins of Natural Frequency Technology (NFT)

The proprietary natural frequency technology (NFT) inherent in each Philip Stein product works like an antenna, picking up positive energy and channeling its beneficial frequencies into our bodies. A constant supply of NFT is the result of lightning striking the earth. This natural phenomenon happens several times every second of the day all around the world, producing a constant supply to tune us back to a state where we can perform and live at our best.

The Positive Influences of Natural Frequency Technology (NFT)

The German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann proposed t he existence of natural electromagnetic waves surrounding earth in 1952. German scientist Reutger Wever showed the Schumann Resonances positively influence health, performance and overall well-being in a variety of experiments eight years later. In the late 1870s, a Japanese research team detected Schumann frequencies from a hot air balloon.

The Benefits of Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology

Slow Down, Settle Down

In the 21st century, lives are busy, paces are hectic, and people are stressed out. Philip Stein watches and bracelets are designed to bring about a more relaxed state, helping people cope better. Frequencies between 7 and 9 Hertz are emitted during our most relaxed state of mind; this range of frequencies is known to be among natural ones.

Concentrate for Centeredness

Philip Stein products, including watches, bracelets and lifestyle items, may help you regain focus, to help you live a life in-balance.

More than a Feeling

How our bodies feel influence our mood. Philip Stein merchandise can help you maintain a positive frame of mind, allowing you to be more relaxed, better focused and sleep more deeply.

Sweet Dreams

Sleep well and wake up feeling more refreshed, after wearing a Philip Stein sleep bracelet. A good night’s slumber is essential to health and overall well-being.

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