J.R. Dunn Jewelers established in 1969 is proud to be an Official Rolex Jeweler. A Rolex is always cherished as a symbol of life's most exceptional moments. With the technical know-how and necessary skill-set, the knowledgeable Rolex team at J.R. Dunn Jewelers stands ready to help you make a choice that will last a lifetime.

Nestled between Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale, J.R. Dunn's 8,000-square-foot showroom in Lighthouse Point, Florida is home to some of the most sought-after Rolex watches. Our unique and individualized service is recognized the moment you enter through our doors. Always at your disposal, our Rolex team stands ready to provide you with a level of expertise and service that is truly, second to none. Discover the pinnacle of craftsmanship, experience a Rolex at J.R. Dunn Jeweler's South Florida showroom today.

James and Ann Marie Dunn

Owners of J.R. Dunn Jewelers

Owners of J.R. Dunn Jewelers, James and Ann Marie Dunn, first shook hands with Allen Brill, past President and CEO of Rolex U.S.A. in 1995 forming a strong partnership that has endured for over twenty-two years. The Dunns have built a legacy of service and integrity in South Florida by cultivating life-long relationships with clientele who are considered a part of the J.R. Dunn extended family. They also take great pride in giving back the local charities in both Palm Beach and Broward counties. Jim Dunn says "it is an immense pleasure to work with a company like Rolex who also truly makes a significant effort to give back to society through the Rolex Awards for Enterprise."

Sean Dunn

Vice President

Vice president and second generation of J.R. Dunn Jewelers says "my favorite part about Rolex is never having to second guess that I recommended the right timepiece to my client. I also love the fact that Rolex watches are truly waterproof and growing up here in South Florida where we spend a lot of time on the ocean, that is huge." Trust, dignity and integrity are at Sean's core, welcoming everyone who walks through the showroom doors as a member of the Dunn family.

Andrew Lefton

Sales manager

What gift to buy? It's always a daunting question, one that our Sales Manager, Andrew Lefton, has been answering for over 30 years in the fine jewelry business. His passion for watches is contagious and you can rest assured he will point you in the right direction for that perfect timepiece. When asked what is his favorite thing about Rolex, Andrew says "when you purchase a Rolex, you can be assured of the strong value retention and recognizable status. It's a watch you can enjoy for years and be proud to hand down for generations to come."

Sam Patel

Sales manager

As a graduate Gemologist and Manager at J.R.Dunn with over thirty-six years of experience, Sam is more than equipped with the knowledge and technical know-how to guide you in finding a truly special Rolex timepiece. Incredibly committed to exceeding expectations, Sam treats each and every one of his clients as a member of his family and always goes above and beyond for them.

Matthew Pelliccia

Sales Professional

Inspired by his father who is a master jeweler and award-winning designer at J.R. Dunn, Matthew's intrigue of the inner workings of watches started an early age. Today Matthew is J.R. Dunn's Swiss watch ambassador. He pairs his unrivaled knowledge of watch movements and methods of manufacture with his passion for helping everyone who walks through the showroom discover the perfect timepiece to add to their collection. It's team members like Matthew that have helped make J.R. Dunn a perfect destination for those seeking a renowned Rolex timepiece.

Christina Grace

Sales Professional

Sales professional at J.R.Dunn. "My favorite Rolex story to date was when I had a man, his wife, and their son come in to purchase a green Submariner. He had been wanting it for a long time, but was waiting for the right time to make the purchase. He wanted to make sure his son was there to take part of such an important purchase and that his son liked the watch as much as he did, as it was going to be passed down to him as the family heirloom."

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