The Power of Social Media and Seven Friday Watches

Seven Friday in car

Sean Dunn, co-owner of J.R. Dunn Jewelers came across the young label from Switzerland via social media. A follower of the watches-fashion-lifestyle site and luxury blog, @watchanish, he was influenced to forge a retail relationship with social-media-savvy SevenFriday, rounding out J.R. Dunn Jewelers’ watch line.

Dunn said he simply couldn’t ignore the way that SevenFriday has been able to grab the attention of customers – and businessmen, like him – to build its brand image and take advantage of social media’s word-of-mouth benefits. Watch enthusiast followers of the brand have been able to connect globally and participate in each other’s lives online @sevenfriday.

“SevenFriday’s Instagram page shows how the timepieces are an integral part of the fabric of their wearers’ lives, via images. Self-expressive people share photographs of their daily lives, and the company comments to engage them in an open dialogue. They don’t just own a watch; they’re part of an online network and unique community,” he said. “The ways they’ve been able to reach consumers, engage them, stay relevant and maintain their brand awareness is astounding to me. I got ‘food for thought’ from @sevenfridayusa in regard to our own business,” Dunn added.

Seven Friday Blue Watch


Seven Friday Orange Watch

The way the firm has been developed and nurtured online has, indeed, fueled its popularity. In addition to the aforementioned Instagram, the company has attained organic growth through an effective viral campaign of relevant and engaging content, photographs and videos on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Vimeo. Instagram and Twitter accounts are set up all over the world, allowing the people who run them to feel that they are a part of the brand.

“We went to where the people are – social media – to show them the Seven Friday line, let them see how our timepieces challenge traditional watch-making with bold, colorful designs, and decide for themselves if ours is a purchase they’d like to make,” said Daniel Niederer, founder and majority owner of SevenFriday. “We are becoming increasingly well-known and recognized through our social media following. Increasingly, social media is an important part of business and marketing plans to influence purchasing decisions.”

The complex-looking but actually simple and straight-forward design of SevenFriday timepieces are actually variations on the same basic design, crafted in stainless steel with different finishes. All of them feature a large 47mm case, an intensely detailed and layered openwork dial, integrated lugs, Miyota movements, calf leather straps, and a specially hardened anti-reflective mineral glass, and are water-resistant to 30 meters. Packaging resembles a wine box.