New John Hardy Men's Bedeg Collection Arrivals

By Sean Dunn October 5, 2011

Men. Distinguished by clean lines and high polish, the sleek, rhythmic power of the new Bedeg motif creates a modern dimension to the classic John Hardy design for men. The back grills of each piece depicts the powerful 'kris' dagger, in Bali, a symbol of great strength and mystical authority.

John Hardy's new anchor collection, Bedeg, inspired by the simple, yet exquisite, woven bamboo walls of traditional Balinese architecture. Dedicated to preserving and challenging the techniques of Bali jewelry making, Creative Director and Head Designer, Guy Bedarida and his team of artisans developed a manner to weave lengths of gold and precious metals. The ripples wrapping rings and cuffs mirror not only these traditional Balinese techniques but also the art deco style of Rattan furniture.

Check out the new arrivals below or the entire John Hardy Jewelry Collection.

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