Three Things to Know About Tacori Petite Crescent Engagement Ring

By Nina Glaser September 4, 2015
Tacori Petie Crescent Diamond RIng


You’ve probably heard the old cliché, “the best things come in small packages.” This is oh so true when talking about Tacori Petite Crescent engagement rings! Three things in particular are hallmarks of the collection:

1) The crescent detailing is soft and small. This is a refinement of the Classic Crescent collection. Smaller interlocking half-moon arcs mean more of them can be used.

2) Petite Crescent rings have a diamond -intense look. French-cut pave-set diamonds are used on the ceiling. They need less metal. A heavy diamond look means more sparkle!

3) The design is dainty and delicate. Your comfort is ensured.

The collection is wonderful to look at and wonderful to wear! The look is fresh and beautiful. Perfect for today’s Tacori girls. She is bold. Confident. Passionate. And she embraces The West Coast Dream that is the Tacori Touch. It’s all about an effortless attitude. A relaxed lifestyle. A touch of glamour.

Put the focus on your center diamond with a Petite Crescent setting. The classic look is hand carved in California. In white gold, yellow gold, rose gold or platinum. You will delight in the romantic details of these heirlooms-in-the-making. What a way to express yourself!

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