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Four Basics to Buying the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

By Jenna Fish June 14, 2017
The Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

When making the decision to purchase a diamond engagement ring, it is not unusual to feel a little intimidated on knowing what to look for. It is likely a big investment and is important to educate yourself first to ensure lasting quality.

From the cut of the diamond and the metal of the band to the details of the different settings—it can be quite overwhelming. That is why we are here to educate you so that you can.......

Enormous Engagement Rings Excite!

By Nina Glaser August 28, 2015
When you buy a big diamond, you get big benefits! A large stone shows off a gem’s natural beauty. They are more precious. And make a statement. Take a look at these six rings. They are remarkable!

Is Fluorescence in Diamonds a “Bad” Thing?

By Bianca Kawecki June 18, 2015
Recently, I was in a lecture hosted by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Alumni Association and AGS (American Gem Society) Guild of South Florida given by Art Samuels, GG GIA, in which he asked the assembled group of many gemologists and jewelry industry professionals, “Is fluorescence in diamonds a bad thing? Would you personally buy a diamond with ’strong‘ fluorescence to give to your future spouse?” The practically unanimous answer was a resounding “No!”