Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets are as close as you can get to wearing your heart on your sleeve! These expressive wrist wrappers that are decorated with trinkets or pendants let you reminisce about special events and relationships with a single glance, and share your story with the world. Charm bracelets are appropriate for women of every age and occasion, from birthday to anniversary, graduation and holidays. Dozens of charms can be accommodated on a single bracelet, with a variety of themes, from hobbies to sports and family.

Check out gold charm bracelets from Aaron Basha, with heart-shaped and open circle links large enough to attach charms to them. Known as the Godfather of Charms, collections include an extensive collection of baby shoe charms and more. See the religious charm bracelets offered by EK Designs, including designs with a cross and angel prayer bracelet, baptism pearls , a cross, and rosary confirmation bracelet. Tacori bangle bracelets have round, oval or quartet moonstone charms that are sure to mesmerize. A number of hanging symbols figure prominently in sterling silver charm bracelets from Gucci; be sure to look at the distinctive boule chain.

A charm bracelet is a captivating way to celebrate your individuality and accomplishments!

Charm Bracelets

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