Necklace and Bracelet Charms

Charms offer a charming glance into someone’s personal history, with each keepsake telling a story. You can get a pretty good idea about someone’s passions and hobbies looking at their jewelry charms! They also provide gift-givers with multiple presentation opportunities!

Aaron Basha, known as “The Godfather of Charms,” is well-known for his baby shoe charms. Also included in a vast and varied collection are animals, sports, evil eyes, transportation, initials, signs of the zodiac and other whimsical novelties. Charms are crafted in 18kt white and yellow gold, some with delightful enamelwork, and are available with and without diamonds and other gemstones.

The John Hardy Classic Chain collection features sterling silver pendant enhancers with Mother-of-Pearl embellished designs, from a flower to ladybug, heart, four-leaf clover or horseshoe. The hand-carved pieces showcase the artisanal quality of the jewelry crafted under the brand.

Birthstone charms from the Color My Life collection can be worn on a charm bracelet or necklace, radiantly representing family members’ birth months. Natural gemstones include amethyst, aquamarine, opal, peridot and citrine, while simulated stones include alexandrite, cubic zirconia, emerald, ruby and sapphire.

Be sure to check out charm accessories, too. Pick out a bracelet, spacer or enhancer.

Charms provide gift-givers with multiple presentation opportunities; start a new – or continue – a tradition today!