Why a Y necklace? Why not? They are hot, on trend and look fabulous! This is a fashion find for today. Minimal and modern, they bring a touch of elegance to your outfits. Plunging pieces are, above all, pretty! Some of the world's top designers are embracing the style. Take a look at the Lana Jewelry diamond spike and Zoe Chicco Diamonds 2 collection short Y necklaces, also with gemstones. They are proof positive that Y necklaces are sexy, streamlined and make a statement. They add an edge.

A close relative of the Y necklace, the lariat is a versatile piece of jewelry that is long in length and has no specific clasp on either end. It can be wrapped around your neck as you see fit. A long dangle presents elegant sophistication for formal occasions, like pieces from pearl aficionado Mikimoto; a shorter length is more casual and suitable to wear to work, too. Sterling silver lariat necklaces from the Tacori Sonoma Skies collection with your choice of amethyst or blue topaz and the John Hardy Naga collection silver and gold dragon lariat necklace fit the bill.

Go ahead and indulge in a Y or lariat necklace today; they may quickly become your go-to pieces!

Y Necklaces & Lariat Necklaces

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