Lustrous and luxurious, pearl bracelets have a rare beauty all their own. The naturally occurring gem presents a timelessness that makes it popular to give and receive! Today’s top jewelry designers offer a balance of classic and modern models, with one just right for you.

The “M” dangling from Mikimoto pearl bracelets represents the company name, as well as marvelous craftsmanship! Choose from pearl strand and station bracelets. Chimento weaves 18kt yellow gold to provide support for a diamond and pearl wrap cuff. The Stephen Webster Superstud collection features a flexible three-row bracelet with Mother-of-Pearl inlay. Honora offers colorful stretch bracelets, and pearl toggle, bangle and cuff bracelets. First-time moms, babies and teenagers can benefit from EK Designs’ pearl bracelets celebrating births, baptisms and bat mitzvahs. The John Hardy Dot collection gets more intriguing with pearls that integrate into the design of a double coil bracelet.

A pearl bracelet is an elegant, glamorous and refined piece of jewelry that is perfect to have in your collection.

Pearl Bracelets

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