Men's Accessories

Well-dressed men are well-equipped for anything, with money clips, pocket knives, key rings, fine writing instruments and tie bars. These style essentials can be elegant or casual, traditional or contemporary.

Money clips let him carry his money in organized fashion. See sterling silver creations from the Gucci Diamantissima collection with diamante motif and William Henry Zurich collection that includes inlay of organic and natural materials, like desert ironwood and fossilized tooth inlay.

The same two designers also craft sterling silver key rings. Check out the Gucci Icon collection with its double Gs, and the animal-inspired silver dragon and eagle bead key rings of William Henry.

William Henry also produces knives that will be used, admired and handed down from generation to generation. The craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics are unparalleled! Exotic woods like eyrie pinot noir, cocobolo, black palm and box elder burl are featured prominently. Gemstones include topaz, citrine, Mother-of-Pearl and quartz, among others.

Visconti pens – from ballpoint to rollerball and fountain pens -- are made in Florence, Italy and feature a collection named for some of the world’s greatest artists of all time: Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Michelangelo and Salvador Dali.

Classic tie bars elevate any outfit. New life has been breathed into them with the Tacori Retro Classic and Monterey Roadster collections. Wear one of them any time you wear a tie, whether with jeans or a suit! Choose from all sterling models and silver with onyx, blue topaz, garnet or tiger eye gemstones.

The bottom line: men’s accessories boost confidence and show a winning edge.

Men's Accessories

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