Men's Rings

Men’s rings aren’t just about wedding bands anymore! Modern men are wearing sterling silver and gold rings, with and without gemstones, in a variety of styles. From simple and stunning to statement-making showpieces, there’s something for everyone!

John Hardy Classic Chain designs feature a pink and bronze band ring with brown pave diamonds, and a black lava bronze model with black sapphires. The Tacori Legends collection presents oval, square and rectangular rings with blue topaz, tiger iron, black onyx and diamonds, while the brand’s Monterey Roadster vented ring showcases garnet and hammered precious metal versions. Look for wide bands from the Gucci Diamantissima and Icon collections, with diamante motif and black synthetic corundum, respectively.

Men’s rings are outfitted with wonderful textures, from braided chain to ribbed and racing lines. Signet rings feature masculine stones like turquoise, tiger eye and lapis lazuli. Some pieces in the Stephen Webster Thorn and Highwayman collections even spin!

Wrap your finger in a cool, warm or rosy hue today, and get ready to graciously accept compliments!

Designer Mens Rings

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