Not all bracelets are created equal, and John Hardy bracelets are no exception. While many of his pieces are designed in the Classic Chain style, the artisans do step out of their comfort zone to create other fabulous designs. Anchor links that are oval in shape with a bar through the middle are forged in bronze or sterling silver. They can be adorned in black sapphires or hand-carved with the classic chain motif to become a John Hardy bracelet. Loose circle links for wide or chunky bracelets are designed to emulate the motif of the collection they are in. In the Naga collection, sterling silver links are actually fashioned to look like a dragon scale. These links also are hand carved with the classic chain motif and are bejeweled with 18kt yellow gold accents or black sapphires. For the Bamboo collection, some links are crafted like bamboo segments. The introduction of gourmette links, like those used in id bracelets, gives John Hardy pieces a new twist as well. Black resin and nylon cord are also used to craft bracelets. Whether you are a man or woman, there is a John Hardy bracelet design to flatter your every look.

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