John Hardy Bamboo Jewelry

John Hardy

Borrowing inspiration from the forest, then giving back: that’s the philosophy behind the John Hardy Bamboo Jewelry collection. For each design you purchase, John Hardy plants seedlings of bamboo across Bali to offset carbon emissions. Fuse fashion with environmental tender loving care, no matter which handmade motif meshes most with your individual style. Among the John Hardy Bamboo Bracelets, the stretch effect of the 12-strand silver cuff best exemplifies the brand’s intermingling of glamour with tribal metalwork traditions. Bamboo Rings arrive in diverse settings, from formal gemstone-sporting domes to beguiling multi-gemstone interlocking hybrids. The collection’s Necklaces range from spiritual symbols to strands of rigorous simplicity. Playful elegance awaits you amid the Bamboo Earrings collection, as the brilliance of gold and silver designs morph through hoops, drops, studs, and more in an evocative interplay between nature and nightlife.

  John Hardy Bamboo Collection
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