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There is a flowering plant native to central and south Europe named Lunaria. In Latin, the word means “moonlike,” and refers to decorative seedpods. It seems especially fitting for a collection by Marco Bicego to share the name, as the hand-engraved 18K yellow gold plates framed by polished gold and molded by expert craftsmen resemble flower petals blowing in the wind.

As with all Marco Bicego jewelry, the Lunaria collection blends old-world tradition and contemporary design. The look of brushed gold is achieved through the time-honored bulino technique. This special technique hand-etches satin texture onto precious metal. This is rare to find in today’s jewelry industry, yet is a signature of the Marco Bicego brand. It’s elegant. It’s refined. As the designer himself has said, “I have always believed in quality and in the secrets of Italian jewelry.”

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