The Secrets to Marco Bicego Jewelry

By Nina Glaser April 15, 2016

Marco Biecgo Jewelry

There are three things that mark a piece of Marco Bicego jewelry: a hand-finished texture, fluid strands of gold and precious stones in captivating color combinations. Old-world traditions are employed to create contemporary designs inspired by the designer’s Venetian origin and natural surroundings. Eighteen-karat yellow gold plays the leading role in Marco Bicego earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings.

Bicego learned the jewelry trade from his father. The second-generation master craftsman is clearly a man who cares, uses his imagination, and is energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. These traits result in jewelry that features a timeless elegance. It’s not surprising that Marco Bicego jewelry has a large following all over the world. Simple and splendid pieces are versatile and seductive; everyday luxury that work day and night.

Marco Bicego Africa Collection

Collections include:

    • Africa has an ethno-urban design. You can see the inspiration of tribal jewelry in the pieces that feature hand-engraved, hand-textured golden balls.


    • Cairo has an unmistakably elegant countenance. Fine strands of warm-toned gold are twisted to produce a woven silk effect.


    • Delicati (Italian for delicate) mini necklaces and bracelets are graced with the time-honored Bulino hand-etched technique and faceted stones like amethyst, aquamarine, citrine, diamond and tourmaline.


    • Goa features white diamonds that appear to be swirling in graceful shapes of flattened coil that has been manually twisted.


    • Jaipur celebrates the Indian region’s rich traditions of stone carving with meticulously detailed, yet playful, jewelry with cut stones reminiscent of sunset.


    • Jaipur Link pieces have irregularly shaped links with a silken finish. Various-sized links are embellished with signature hand-engraving.

Marco Bicego Siviglia Collection

    • Lunaria (Italian for moonlike) is elegant and refined, with hand-engraved yellow gold plates framed by polished gold molded to resemble flower petals blowing in the wind.


    • Marrakesh is modern and sculptural. Gold and gold-and-diamond pieces have been carefully hammered and manually twisted to intertwine.


    • Murano showcases irregular shapes, geometric patterns and hand-engraving in atmospheric pieces designed with the vibrant colors of the Venetian Lagoon in Northern Italy.


    • Paradise displays a graceful assortment of 18kt yellow gold chains, tiny hand-engraved beads and colorful gems in delicate and detailed jewelry.


  • Siviglia is sophisticated and elegant. Irregularly shaped pebbles, some which shimmer with pave diamonds, can be found in varying sizes and lengths.


Hand-crafted Marco Bicego designs will be highlighted on J.R. Dunn Jewelers’ web site,, from April 14-23, 2016 during an online trunk show. Log-on to see the latest styles in the collections.

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