Designer Gemstone Earrings

What makes gemstone rings so appealing? First and foremost, it is their colors. Every color of the spectrum is available, from ruby red to orange sapphire, yellow quartz, green onyx, blue chalcedony, and violet amethyst, not to mention a host of neutrals from white to beige, brown and black.

A host of jewelry designers offer gemstone earrings in assorted shapes and sizes. Check out the mixed gemstone creations of Marco Bicego in his Paradise, Siviglia and Murano collections. The John Hardy Classic Chain collection delivers drop earrings outfitted with citrine, as well as blue topaz with black sapphire, among other gems. Dabakarov utilizes Indian Jade in dangle earrings, with and without diamonds, and Stephen Webster’s Superstud, Goldstruck and Lady Stardust collections make marvelous use of crystal haze. Birthstone jewelry is part of the gemstone earring category, too, with garnet, aquamarine, emerald, alexandrite, peridot, opal, tanzanite and more, in genuine and simulated stones from the Color My Life collection.

Gemstone earrings are universally pleasing, chosen for many reasons, including their beauty, therapeutic benefits and symbolism. Find your perfect pair today.

Designer Gemstone Earrings

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